Common Plumbing Issues: How to Handle

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Galvanized Pipes

The galvanic process means coating an iron pipe with molten zinc to prevent the iron from corroding. The zinc lasts a while, but not forever. As the zinc erodes, the exposed iron begins to rust. This can cause pipes to fail, but the warning signal is easy to spot: Your water will become discolored from the rust in it.

The answer is to have galvanized pipes professionally replaced by modern alternatives, such as copper or PEX (Cross-Linked Polyethylene). A well-trained plumber and assistant can perform this work in relatively short time, ensuring a constant water pressure, no odd taste or color to your water and no leaks.

Pipe Bellies

As your Phoenix home rises and falls in its surrounding soil, the pipes leading into your home will rise and fall, too. When they buckle or bow, they form a pipe belly, a low spot that defies gravity’s pull on sewage. While this settling occurs slowly, you will eventually notice poor drainage, slow-flushing toilets and, ultimately, a clogged sewer line.

Similar to pipe bellies are pipe channeling, where hard water carves its own channel in the bottom of a sewer pipe, rendering it very weak.

Polybutylene Pipe

Once thought of as a great water pipe product, polybutylene pipe (PB) was used from the late ’70s into the early ’90s because of its low cost and easy installation. It breaks down with exposure to water and water’s dissolved solids, so it is not acceptable anymore. As time goes on, homeowners experience more and more polybutylene pipe problems.

If you have an entire house piped in PB, you need the services of an experienced local plumber to replace every run, every elbow and tee, and every connection to fixtures throughout your house. Otherwise a leak could destroy furniture, furnishings, flooring and more.

Sewer Lines

Sewers and sewer lines are definitely at the top of a lot of people’s old house plumbing problems. Sewer lines take your home’s gray and black water from drains to the sewer main, where it travels on to a municipal treatment plant. Sewer lines are always wet, so they attract tree roots. Cast iron pipes are particularly susceptible to cracking and intrusion by tree roots, which can completely clog a line.

Professional plumbers can send a camera into your home’s sewer pipe to diagnose channeling and bellies, and they can find and fix tree roots that clog your pipe. This is a much more affordable option than the disgusting and expensive issues created by a sewer backing up.


Fifty years of draining water, soap scum, sewage and shampoo can take a toll on your older Phoenix home’s drains. Clogs develop in pipes in all drains, but toilet, kitchen, and bathroom sink drains are particularly prone to clogs.

Toilets are infamous targets for children, fascinated by the disappearing act. While you may never know a small action figure or toy car went down the toilet, you will know a backed-up toilet when it strikes. A small item could start a very slow-building clog.

Kitchen sink drains also tend to accept things that should not go down the drain, like kitchen fats, bits of food that should go through a sink strainer and even bone. You can do your part, of course, by keeping waste out of the kitchen sink or having a garbage disposal installed, but in an older home you will not know what others have stuffed down there before you.

Original Fixtures

While some original fixtures are notably sturdier and of better quality than their corresponding modern fixtures, many older ones simply wear out with time. Washers and valves degrade and cause leaks. Stems and handles break. If your home still has its original spigots, faucets, handles and valves, you may not notice the tiny leaks that lead to higher water bills and unpleasant smells.

A worry spot in any home is the shut-off valve for a toilet. This little-used valve attaches where the rigid pipe exits the wall, down below the tank, and a flexible metal and plastic tube connects the water supply to the tank. That shut-off valve can get stuck in its typical, open position, so any attempt to close it may actually cause it to leak. A trained plumber can replace not only the flexible tube to the toilet tank, but the antiquated or stuck shut-off valve. This means you never have to worry about turning off the water to the toilet should a bowl clog cause your toilet to back up.

Repairing Common Household Plumbing Issues

5 Typical Household Plumbing Issues and How You Can Fix Them

As a house owner, you will certainly experience lots of various plumbing problems that occasionally make a problem. Doing the fixings yourselves on these straightforward plumbing troubles can conserve you heaps of money.

Slow Draining Sink

This is the most typical problem of homeowners, with the sink collecting a great deal of hair, oil, debris, and other substance with time. However, the only means to obtain a smooth moving drain once again is to get rid of the particles. You can utilize a plumbing device for fishing out the particles. From there, you can make use of a store-bought drain cleaner to clean the lines.

Slow Tub Drain

Simply like the sink drainpipe, hair, soap residue, dead skin cells, and various other substances swimming pool in the drain typically. After using the claw, you can put drainpipe cleaner to rejuvenate the drain lines.

Low Tide Pressure

Is someone from your family grumbling that there's low water stress from the sink? Check if this issue influences both the hot as well as chilly water lines. If yes, after that the issue is the aerator within the sink which may have a lot of sedimentation resulting in low tide stress. This is extremely simple to repair as you just require to take it out and scrub away the natural resource.

Running Toilet

You might have experienced a running bathroom, which can be quite aggravating due to the fact that the tank won't fill out. At the same time, leaving it alone relates to wasting water and also spiking up your water costs. For starters, figure out what's creating it to run. You might need to change any one of the adhering to toilet devices:
Bathroom fill valve
Dripping flush valve
Toilet flapper

Malfunctioning Garbage Disposal System

This aggravating problem is likewise high on the list of usual plumbing issues. Your system will certainly include an awesome trick to unjam your device. If you shed it, you will require an Allen wrench to deal with the issue. You need to go under the sink and seek the spot where you can put the key. Use your wrench to turn the maker to release the electric motor when you identify it. Don't fail to remember to shut off the system and cut the circuit breaker when servicing your garbage disposal system to stop nasty accidents.

You may even finish up saving cash in the lengthy run since you can relax assured that your easy plumbing issue will certainly not escalate. Simply make certain you call a trustworthy business with licenses and certifications due to the fact that you will certainly be welcoming unfamiliar people in your residence.

As a property owner, you will certainly experience several different plumbing troubles that occasionally make an annoyance. Some plumbing issues are extra common and also can be easily taken care of. Doing the repair services yourselves on these simple plumbing issues can conserve you loads of cash. You can utilize a plumbing device for angling out the debris. You may also finish up conserving money in the long run because you can rest ensured that your easy plumbing problem will certainly not rise.
Do It Yourself Plumbing Solutions

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